Along for the Ride EP

Big Spender Trio

About this EP:

Sometimes life just hits you. You may not be sure what to think, or how you even ended up here, but all of a sudden, the life you have come to know is no longer the same. How will you react? A world flipped upside down.... Will the dust ever settle? What will you do? Where will you look? Will you wait and just hope everything comes back in to view? Or can you look forward and realize that at any time, you have the power to do, experience or embrace anything you want in this life. This three song EP release is a musical snapshot into the beauty and journey of just "being" and following that path wherever it may lead you. credits released March 28, 2018

Brian Sokol - Hammond Organ & Bass Keys Adrian Aiello - Guitar Michael Aiello - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Engineered with the help of Alan Evans at Iron Wax Studio | Millers Falls, MA.

Mastered by Brad Smalling at Evergroove Studio | Evergreen, CO.

Album artwork by Eva Okrent.

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